AgroSpace conference 2016

May 30, 2016 | Articles, SP1

On May 26th – 27th 2016, we visited 7th International AgroSpace Workshop in Sperlonga, Italy. The event attracted number of participants from all over the world showing interesting presentations about Lunar Palace, EDEN-ISS project and much more.

7th International AgroSpace Workshop
Mars – A Long Way to Go
Sperlonga (LT) [former] Santa Maria Church
May, 26th – 27th 2016

The 7th International AgroSpace Workshop of Sperlonga (LT), Italy is organized by Aero Sekur with the scientific collaboration of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and University of Arizona in Tucson. The aim is to link the two important sectors of the Agrotechnologies and Life Support Systems for space missions, which share significant technological, social and market synergies.

Today, this target seems to be even more valid when based on actual needs to promote new developments, to enhance availability of food and nutrition, thereby contribute to the growth of GDP and quality of life in the involved countries.

The goal of AgroSpace 2016 is to utilize knowledge of the most advanced systems for the production of food on the Earth (like crops in a controlled environment with hydroponic cultivation techniques) and direct it to the production of food in space for life support, while outlining the scientific advancements and technological developments that could provide improved benefits for citizens.
The conference gathers the purveyors of the scientific global industry and representatives of the major space agencies such as ASI, ESA, DLR, NASA.

In this edition, the latest scientific and technological innovations in the field of protected cultivation of crops (plant physiology and closed-loop production systems) will be analyzed and the state of art of international research on systems for the cultivation of plants in the space environment (orbiting stations and future colonies on Moon and Mars) will be presented with particular attention to the Life Support System (LSS), which also ensure removal of contaminants in the air and hygienic treatment of water.