SUMIT : Smart Urinalysis Module for an Innovative Toilet

Benefits of monitoring biomarkers in urine

  • A biomarker contains measurable information about physiological state related to organ function, pathologic processes, or therapeutic interventions.
  • A good biomarker, when monitored frequently, clearly reflects changes in physiological state.
  • Urine is an ideal, but until recently overlooked, source of good biomarkers. Blood does not always reflect physiological changes, due to its homeostasis mechanism [Ref. 1].
  • Urine, unlike blood, is abundantly excreted, and it can be accessed non-invasively.
  • Urine biomarkers have been linked to [Ref. 2]:
    – lifestyle: e.g., diet, supplement/drug intake, hydration, exercise, metabolism, circadian rhythms, and hormones;
    – numerous diseases (e.g., diabetes, cancer, infections, and those related to kidney, liver, urinary tract, and cardiovascular functions).

    Our Unique Selling Proposition

    mHealth solution for easy, accurate, and fast urinalysis at home

    (1) Quantitative, multiparameter, miniature, ultra-low-cost sensors. These sensors are developed in partnership with CSEM, the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology.

    (2) Modular device design for addition onto any toilet, which avoids complex and costly incorporation into the ceramic toilet body. Automatic and hygienic sampling and analysis of urine from multiple users.

    (3) Seamless data transmission from device to user’s mobile device via Bluetooth.

    (4) Mobile app for user interface with device and result communication according to appropriate ranges. The app also provides recommendations regarding user’s: diet and supplement intake, hydration, exercise, and metabolism.

    (5) Multiple target user segments, comprising:
    – Young fitness and digital tech enthusiasts;
    – Busy parents looking for time optimization in family’s health management;
    – Elderly people who are looking for close prevention and follow-up.

    Device, user interface, and app designed with expert consideration of user experience, in partnership with the EPFL+ECAL Lab.


    Automatic urinalysis
    in any toilet

    Accurate and fast measurments


    At home monitoring solution

    Mobile app interface

    Optimal user experience


    Applications and benefits





    Supplement intake

    Medical follow-ups


    [Ref. 1] Jing, J., Gao, Y., 2018. Urine biomarkers in the early stages of diseases: current status and perspective. Discov. Med. 25, 57-65. [Link to article]

    [Ref. 2] Harpole, M., Davis, J., Espina, V., 2017. Current state of the art for enhancing urine biomarker discovery. Expert. Rev. Proteomics 13, 609-626. [Link to article]

        Space connection

        In parallel to developing SUMIT for commercial applications on Earth, we are adapting the SUMIT technology for our (semi)closed-loop habitat demonstrator concept, using space technologies and requirements, in order to monitor urine composition for efficient urine valorization and close monitoring of crew health and wellness.