Scorpius Prototype 1 (SP1)

What is Scorpius Prototype 1 (SP1) ?

The Scorpius Prototype 1 (SP1) is designed to become a proof of concept of a closed habitat demonstrator.
It integrates state-of-the-art LSS compatible technologies and aims to enhance the preparation and financing on Earth of manned space missions.

Typical compartments of an Advanced LSS 

Space Advanced Life Support Systems (ALSS) typically use physico-chemical systems and a combination of biological organisms (bacteria, microalgae, plants) to regenerate air, water and food with the objective of complete self-sufficiency.

ALSS must provide extensive features that are essential and vital for the ecosystem and human survival and also necessary to the fulfilment and achievement of space mission.

Microorganisms cultures are employed to recycle water from wastes, higher plants are an essential source of fresh food through cultivation and harvesting, water is also partly recycled through plant evapotranspiration, and oxygen is produced by higher plants or microalgae photosynthesis.

Based on these ALSS technologies, SP1 is a step toward permanent habitats on Mars, developing further the pioneering work on ALSS.

SP1 features

SP1 features combines highly efficient recycling and food production systems, with personalised user experience and optimal habitability.

SP1 is precisely a platform for establish synergies between the development of LSS for human space exploration and associated Earth-based applications.

SP1 research agenda

ALSS such as SP1 and artifical closed ecosystem in general have multiple areas of applications as highlighted above.