Scorpius Laboratory Prototype 1 (SLP1)

What is Scorpius Laboratory Prototype 1 (SLP1)?

SLP1 uses microalgae for air revitalisation, combined with other LSS features in a minimal closed chamber.

For a long time, microalgae are known to offer a number of benefits to support long duration manned space exploration.

When integrated to Life Support Systems, they can provide nutritional value (high content in proteins, lipids, essential amino acids and vitamins), capacities for organic waste treatment (urine valorisation), as well as for carbon dioxide fixation and oxygen regeneration through photosynthesis.

Compared to higher plants, microalgae possess higher growth rates and fewer cultivation requirements and generate less waste.

Microalgae can also show resistance to harsh environment, for instance in terms of extremes in temperature, pH, as well as high salinity.

SLP1 as a platform for the integration of closed-loop technologies