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Scorpius Prototype 1 (SP1)

SP1 is designed to become a proof of concept of a closed habitat demonstrator.

It integrates state-of-the-art LSS compatible technologies and aims to enhance the preparation and financing on Earth of manned space missions.

Scorpius Laboratory
Prototype 1 (SLP1)

For a long time, microalgae are known to offer a number of benefits to support long duration manned space exploration.

SLP1 uses microalgae for air revitalisation, combined with other LSS features in a minimal closed chamber.

Scorpius Habitat (SH)

SH is an autonomous terrestrial solution integrating existing and emerging LSS-related technologies.

Modules are engineered for a wide range of Earth-based applications including various types wastewater recycling and food production systems.

Scorpius Modules

The subcomponent bio-regenerative technical eco-systems for terrestrial purposes can be separated, simplified, scaled into solutions that can be applied to work in a variety of specific contexts, such as wastewater treatment, air purification and food production.

Scorpius Extra-Terrestrial (SET)

The Scorpius Extra-Terrestrial (SET) is designed as a solution to the problems of sustaining human life on the extreme surfaces of the Moon and Mars. The purpose of the life support module is to advance the viability for extensive human exploration of outer space.

SET is designed to optimize the quantity and quality of the limited life support materials and systems that are brought to space from Earth. This will be achieved by means of advanced air, water, waste recycling and food production systems that combine physico-chemical, mechanical and bio-regenerative processes.

Smart Urinalysis Module for an Innovative Toilet (SUMIT)

Knowledge of urine composition is critical for efficient urine valorization within our (semi)closed-loop habitat demonstrator concept. At the same time, reliable, regular, non-invasive, and easy monitoring of the wellness, fitness, and health of the crew, generating the urine, is imperative.

As we are developing a mobile health (mHealth) solution for urine biomarker monitoring for our demonstrator using space technologies and requirements, we have determined that such solution would also have significant potential for consumer applications on Earth.

Green Infrastructure projects

We work strategically to facilitate green infrastructure projects from design, through delivery and maintenance.

Our focus is on projects that benefit transport, education, residential and commercial infrastructure.