ESTEE Participate in New Worlds 2017 in Austin, Texas

Nov 20, 2017 | News

ESTEE Chairman, Omar Fayed chaired a paper session on ‘Bioneering & Space Farming – Staying Healthy in Space’ at the New Worlds 2017 conference. The panel session sought to address the lessons learned and new ideas being formed to protect crews during long space missions.    

Meanwhile, ESTEE Managing Director, Théodore Besson presented his past research on the Oïkosmos project and gave a talk to discuss ‘Human Settlement in Outer Space: Relevance for Terrestrial Sustainability and Beyond’. The conference, which was held Nov. 10-11 in Austin, Texas, was attended by world class scientists, experts and engineers to explain, discuss and debate the challenges and solutions we face in space. 

ESTEE is pursuing the development of Artificial Closed Ecosystems (ACE), that can be considered as drivers for eco-innovation on Earth and in space.