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ESTEE Part of the First ESA Lab Project

ESTEE is currently taking part in the first interuniversity demonstrator project initiated by the European Space Agency: the ESA_Lab IGLUNA project, a Habitat in Ice. Powered by the Swiss Confederation (SERI) and supported by the Swiss Space Center, this project brings together several student teams from across Europe. A series of modular demonstrators will be […]

Two New Prototypes at ESTEE

ESTEE is currently starting two new prototypes. These two experiments are part of a stepwise approach to increase the loop closure of ESTEE’s first (semi-) autonomous habitat. The first prototype is a closed loop, where the only input required will be electricity. We are expecting over 99% loop closure on the daily mass balance. The […]

SCIMA Project Update

ESTEE continues its active involvement in the SCIMA (Smart, Connected, Modular and Autonomous Greenhouse) project, aiming at the development of innovative products combining energy production, wastewater treatment and food production. Supported by the European Union (Interreg funds), Swiss Confederation, Canton de Vaud (Office of Economic Affairs), Plaine de l’Ain Community and in partnership with several […]

Swiss Position Paper on advanced LSS

UNIL, together with ESTEE, is currently drafting for Swiss Space Office a Swiss Position Paper on advanced LSS for the national strategy on Advanced Life Support Systems or ALSS  (to be available by mid 2019). This is a follow-up activity of the Worskshop on ALSS held on June 12, 2018, in which both institutions participated. […]

BELISSIMA Phase A Project Update

ESTEE continues its participation in Phase A of the BELISSIMA Project, a European Space Agency (ESA) initiative aiming at studying the behavior, fate, and effect of microcompounds in the MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative) loop. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Flemish Institute for Scientific Research (VITO), Ghent University, and the […]